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Dec 26, 2012 8:00pm EST
of defenses and arguments you see in the federalists today? who writes them? who sits at home and drafts arguments we see, letters, you see -- you never [inaudible] these were people who were engaged and knew the constitution and these were not scholars. these were not people who had appropriated to themselves license, the soul license to interpret or talk about the great document. these were foreigners. these were business people. some of them who have formal education, some who did not. they cared about the country. i think you need to have that today. i think that, you know, i go back to your book, you talk about the written and unwritten constitution. the unwritten constitution is that sort of trying to bring to apply it to current events and problems and cases, and developments and the debate continues on each one of those. and that's why you see the court go different ways. that's why the arguments -- [inaudible] that's why the scholarship is so important. one thing i like about the tone of the book. it's so positive. it's refreshing. you know, it's not i have all the answers. here
Dec 21, 2012 8:00pm EST
34 years of his best friend from a late republican senator, ted stevens of alaska on the defense appropriations subcommittee. their friendship is also working relationship stands as an example of the remarkable things to senators can accomplish when they set political party aside. there were a formidable force, as part of this nations than in women, working to ensure soldiers, sailors, airmen and guardsmen of the best trained in the best equipped intensive piece in times of war. senator in a way also served as a member of the watergate country as chairman of the committee investigating the iran-contra affair. whenever there was a difficult job to do, whenever we needed a noble man, a noble man to a non, we always turned to senator daniel inouye. so it should come as no surprise that danny died as he lived with great dignity. this is no urban legend. dr. monahan, the physician said he watched people die, but never loses dignity. i rained, his lovely wife talk about the event. chaplain black, security officers who were there with them, minutes before he passed away, before he died,
Dec 28, 2012 8:00pm EST
lugar made of richard murdock, and murdoch's defense of himself as it is the same thing. he said he doesn't want to legislate. he said i don't want to legislate. he said he would make the compromise necessary to get things done. murdoch said that's exactly what i want to do. if you let me i'm going to throw sand in the gear of government and prevent things from getting done. i don't agree with that consensus that has been with washington for so long presenting a different path. and that is true with of the rise of the tea party movement of 2010. voters that voted for the tea party candidate or not tricked into the kind of tactics that supporters of the tea party movement were going to fall back to washington. they said they were willing to take the government to the in of the cliff and over the cliff because they said that was the only way that they could achieve the kind of political and that they wanted to see. so, and the ending seems to me that the fundamental problem here or a fundamental problem is dealing with such a lack of faith in government and such a disconnection the di
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3